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Author Topic: So I became a MTB'r  (Read 1769 times)

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So I became a MTB'r
« on: February 08, 2016, 02:30:56 PM »

So I guess in my little hiatus from hanging out on KYwilderness I went and became a mountain biker.  For the past two years I've been regularly riding our little singletrack here in Bowling Green, KY.

For those of you who want some more extreme outdoor recreation than climbing hills in BSF or RRG this might be for you.  14 mph on a 2' wide trail in the woods over rocks and hills can be very extreme.

Our singletrack in town at Weldon Peete Park "Low Hollow Trail" is very nice and has just enough technical stuff to keep it interesting for anyone.  The local MBA chapter is very active in maintaining this trail and our local bike shops are involved.  We even have a festival with a time run in June (probably going to run it for the first time this year).

Not to mention there is a great trail in Mammoth Cave NP and another awesome trail at the Nolin Lake State Park at Brier Creek.

If anybody has any questions about getting into mountain biking shoot me a message.  I'd love to meet up with you on the trail once it gets to March or if the weather clears up.  I try to ride 2 to 3x a week during lunch once the weather is okay and the freeze-thaw cycle isn't destroying the trail.
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Re: So I became a MTB'r
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2016, 02:45:03 PM »

Sounds like you are having fun. Some of us hit the Sheltowee on bikes from time to time. It's quite a workout for us and our equipment.
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