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Author Topic: Etowah Outfitters Silnylon 8x10 Tarp review  (Read 3856 times)

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Etowah Outfitters Silnylon 8x10 Tarp review
« on: July 02, 2015, 08:02:02 PM »

I recently purchased the Etowah Outfitters 8x10 Silnylon tarp and thought I'd share my thoughts.  I had been using a 10 x 12 Hennessy Hex Fly tarp, which itself is a nice lightweight tarp.  I've used the Hennessy Hex for about 3 years now and decided to upgrade.  I had two things I was looking to accomplish with the upgrade.  First, I wanted to have a tarp that I could break down fast in heavy rain without having to fold it and roll it up. Second, I was looking to trim another pound off my carry weight.

I wanted to do all of this without dropping a TON of money on a tarp. I found the Etowah Outfitters Silnylon Tarp online for $75 and decided to give it a chance.  This past weekend I had it out in the field for the first time on a hike to Hanson Point. 

I found the tarp packed very easy, with the silnylon material easily stuffing into the attached stuff stack.  It packed down to about the size of a tennis ball, taking up minimal space in my pack.  It includes a small repair kit which only adds 2 oz to the minimal 14 oz tarp weight.  So far so good.

I initially found the set up to be frustrating the first time due to high winds.  My Hennessey Hex tarp is nearly a pound heavier, meaning it doesn't flap around in the wind as much when you're trying to hang it over a ridge line.  This was short lived, as I quickly set up prusic knots on the ends to secure the tarp to the ridgeline.  Next time I will have my prusic knots ready before unpacking the tarp. 

After staking it down it was very secure and had minimal stretch, only needing 1 adjustment about 30 minutes after setup.  I found the placement of the tie out tabs to be very convenient for hammock camping, and the ties themselves seemed to be very durable. 

As many of you probably know, he wind was very strong this past weekend at the Gorge and the tarp held up very well all night.  There was very minimal (if any) flapping in the wind, which was great.

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase and would confidently recommend this tarp.  I have no experience with higher priced silnylon tarps, and I'm sure they have extra perks.  But if you are on a budget and looking for a good value, you'll be happy with this tarp.
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