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Author Topic: Cumberland Falls St Pk Moonbow Trail Trek November 7, 2009  (Read 3752 times)

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Cumberland Falls St Pk Moonbow Trail Trek November 7, 2009
« on: September 22, 2009, 09:22:55 AM »

Moonbow Trail Trek November 7, 2009

The Moonbow Trail Trek is a challenging 10.8 mile hike along the rugged Cumberland River Gorge. The trail is named after our unique natural phenomenon called a moonbow, which is a rainbow at night seen at the falls around the full moon cycle.

Hikers will encounter waterfalls, cascading streams, tower cliffs, and house sized rock formations. The forest environment supports an abundance of unique plant and animal life.

Hikers can choose a challenging 4.5 or 10.8 mile trek through the beautiful Cumberland River Gorge.Hikers may opt for a shorter distance by choosing 4.5 mile excursion ending at Dog Slaughter Creek Trailhead. The Trail hike is self-guided, although there will be check-in stations along the way. Trail sweeps will make sure that everyone gets finished safely. We do not recommend hiking alone.

Participation is limited to 130 people. Please contact the recreation department for a registration form. Fee is $ 10.00 per person and includes a T-shirt, refreshment, & shuttle to the trailhead. Registration deadline is Oct. 30.

For information about these events or any others,  please contact Steve: Steve.Gilbert@ky.gov or Bret : BretA.Smitley@ky.gov

Cumberland Falls State Park
7351 Highway 90 Corbin, KY 40701-8857
Toll-free: (800) 325-0063

From http://www.parks.ky.gov/findparks/resortparks/cf/naturalist/


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Re: Cumberland Falls St Pk Moonbow Trail Trek November 7, 2009
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2009, 10:56:36 PM »

Hmmm I'll have to try to remember this come November...


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Re: Cumberland Falls St Pk Moonbow Trail Trek November 7, 2009
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2009, 10:56:02 AM »

Here's the registration form:

2009 Moonbow Trail Trek: Registration Form
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin, Kentucky
November 7
Please fill out form and mail to address below by October  24th , 2009

Name  ____________________________ T-shirt Sz. ___________     Distance _________ 

Name  ____________________________ T-shirt Sz. ___________     Distance _________ 

Name  ____________________________    T-shirt Sz. ___________     Distance _________ 

Name  ____________________________    T-shirt Sz. ___________     Distance _________ 

Name  ____________________________    T-shirt Sz. ___________     Distance _________ 
Please use back of from for additional names

Address _______________________________________

City ______________________________    State ________      Zip ______________

Phone _____________________________    E-mail ______________________________
                  (Please print legibly)
Notice: Participation is limited to 100 people.  Changes from previous years:
This year we will be hiking from the end of the trail back to Cumberland Falls.
You must board shuttle buses at designated times.  There will still be trail sweeps and check points. You must check out at the visitor center to receive your T-shirt.

Choose either:    Bark Camp Trail - 10 miles  Board buses at 8:30 am
                       Dog Slaughter Falls Trail 4.5 miles Board buses at 10am

Registration will open at 7:30 am in the Visitor center near Cumberland Falls , please arrive at least 30 minutes before bus leaves.

Registration fee will include: T-shirt, Shuttle Service, snacks before and after hike. 

Equipment Checklist: Daypack, hiking boots, extra socks, flashlight, batteries, rain gear, first aid kit, warm jacket, food and water to last 6 to 8 hours.

Number of Hikers ______  x  $ 15.00 = Total __________   

For more information contact Bret Smitley at
1-800-325-0063 or  Email  BretA.Smitley@ky.gov                   

Mail form to:
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
7351 Hwy 90
Corbin, KY  40701
Attn: Recreation
Make Checks Payable to Cumberland Falls State Park

The Moonbow Trail Trek is a strenuous, self guided hike. The hike is not recommended for children under the age of ten.  Persons suffering from health problems and or physical injury should carefully consider whether or not to participant in the Moonbow Trail Trek. Please check with your physician if these statements apply to you.

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