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Hello friends,

I come to you all today seeking help in a passion project. I am a lifelong resident of central Kentucky. For years I've lamented that I had to drive 2+ hours to reach the many destinations we all hold dear - Red River Gorge, Big South Fork, Land Between the Lakes, etc. I've wondered t


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The subject is a bit misleading, intentionally. I am looking to see if anyone knows whether you can make a direct connection from the amazing overlook north of Cloudsplitter as recently featured (by me) in the "Where in the Red?" thread to Cloudsplitter along the ridge in between. It almost looks do-...

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Four sentenced for graffiti on national forest

WINCHESTER, Ky., Nov. 14, 2017 Four individuals were sentenced recently in U.S. District Court in London, Ky., after vandalizing recreation areas in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Graffiti was found spray painted extensively at three locations on the ...

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It's at the bottom of the DBNF, and really is quite nice. Anyone go hiking there? Anything worth stopping to see? I can definitely attest that it is a gorgeous place for Fall.

Anyhow I was impressed, and I look forward to finding out more over time.

Heading out in the near future and will end up somewhere between the suspension bridge and Indian Staircase... Are there any good spots to camp there, the last time I went that direction it seemed pretty steep and not a lot off trail. 

Thanks in advance.

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