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What was the mileage of the Sheltowee Trace Trail in the 90's? I was thinking it was 287 or something like that. I was just curious without having to dig one of my old trail maps out. O0


Haven't been posting on here lately, actually not since June waaayy tooo long ...busy, busy!!

Arnold Ziffel

Frozen at Red River Gorge

Frost Flowers

Swift camp creek trail

Little black spot on the snow are really Springtails (aka snow Fleas)

Cave Run Lake

Lots of nice overlooks

Water falls

June Bug Passage



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A family member found these tracks in the frozen mud next to Swift Camp creek this week. Can anyone confirm (or deny) if these are black bear tracks?


Winter RRG Road closures
Date(s): Dec 16, 2020

Chimney Top Road (FSR 10) and Rock Bridge Road (FSR 24) are closed to all motorized vehicles for the winter season. The roads will remain open to foot and bicycle traffic, but all vehicles must park in designated, paved parking areas along KY 715. Vehicles...

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Wanted to give everyone a heads up, saw from KyAfield that the DBNF is hosting a virtual public meeting to discuss future management actions in the Red River Gorge on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, from 5:00-6:30 pm EST.



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