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There was a sign just west of the Slade exit on the Mt Parkway saying eastbound was going to be closed starting Friday at 7am. Westbound has been closed for the last month or so.

"Eastbound traffic will be detoured between Exit 33 at Slade and Exit 40 at Pine Ridge via KY 11 south and KY 715 north th


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Welcome to fall....

... can't wait to see what this version of 2020 has in store for us.

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Hi Folks! It's been a long time since I posted here.... We have been getting our recreation locally on bikes and foot trails mainly the Big 4 Bridge in downtown Louisville and the Indiana bike trail from the Big 4 west along the river to the I64 Sherman Minton bridge as well as the Parklands of F...

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Social distancing while hiking wasn't always easy on the trails in the crowded gorge, so off trail in cave country was an obvious choice. ;)

Waterfalls around every corner!

Lots of arches

*Splash Arch

*Mineral Window

Wham Arch

Talon Arch

Complex Arch (aka Thank You Maam)

*Laggard Double

*Plank Shelf

Elephant A


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Anybody got some suggestions on nice places to stay in or nearby any of the natural areas in KY? Iíll personally camp/ sleep anywhere. My wife... not so much. If anyone knows of nice hotels or cabins near the Gorge, Big South Fork, Cave Run Lake, etc that would be great thanks!

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