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Looks like some horrible flooding in the area! So sad to see the damage.
Red River Gorge museum looks to have 2-3 feet of water in it! That place is a treasure, hope they saved the artifacts.

Drone footage at:


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Anybody had a chance to venture out and capture some good photography? Iíve been stuck at home, would enjoy any new frozen landscapes or waterfalls if youíve got them. Been wondering if any falls froze over completely like they did in 2018. Thanks!

What was the mileage of the Sheltowee Trace Trail in the 90's? I was thinking it was 287 or something like that. I was just curious without having to dig one of my old trail maps out. O0


Haven't been posting on here lately, actually not since June waaayy tooo long ...busy, busy!!

Arnold Ziffel

Frozen at Red River Gorge

Frost Flowers

Swift camp creek trail

Little black spot on the snow are really Springtails (aka snow Fleas)

Cave Run Lake

Lots of nice overlooks

Water falls

June Bug Passage



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A family member found these tracks in the frozen mud next to Swift Camp creek this week. Can anyone confirm (or deny) if these are black bear tracks?


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