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Happy Thanksgiving to any and all who are still around, frequenting this site.


Haven't posted in awhile...
Stayed several days in a cabin at the Big South Fork. Lots of hiking and relaxing.

Butterflies on ironweed

Who knew cats can grow in trees :D

Copperheads at the bottom of stairs

Princess Falls

And as always some nice arches

Bob's Arch

Blackhouse Branch Arch

Triple Tubeway

Great tri


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Is there a current burn ban in effect? I tried Daniel Boone site and news sites but just cannot find the alerts for it if it is in effect. Thank you for all your help! :)

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We can visit The Gorge for a few days 4/10 or 5/1.
Any wild guesses on when the wildflowers would be best?
(We've seen masses of Lady Slippers on past trips so that is not our priority this time)

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After reading the final RRG Management Plan I have found very little on the future policy regarding off trail hiking:

  • Trail decommissioning activities include preventing use through planting native vegetation and disguising impacted areas with natural debris.
  • Potential Future Management Actions: ...

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