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Title: Wildlife in the suburbs
Post by: Bazinga on September 26, 2021, 08:20:01 AM
Well poor pitiful Ziffel got sprayed by a skunk Wednesday morning out in the field. Geez what a horrible smell. A long bath with a mixture of baking powder, dish detergent & hydrogen peroxide (followed by 2 baths with dog shampoo) managed to reduce the smell to a tolerable level. On the bright side, his white fur is almost blinding!!!

A couple of weeks ago, in the early morning, while I was watching mama & twin fawns munching on some dewy grasses, I heard a bone chilling screech. The deer all ran off quickly and after a moment a bobcat came strolling out of the cattails surrounding the pond. Friday night Tim took Ziffel out for the last potty break before bed and heard it “moaning like a banshee”. I didn’t realize they would live in the suburbs, but the noises they make are unmistakable.

Welcome to the wildlife in suburbia.