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Title: Apologies for spottiness
Post by: ShifuCareaga on August 24, 2018, 08:54:07 PM
I've been doing some hardcore research. Am out again tomorrow. It's been a LOT of Native stuff. I am lead on several research projects, and have been finding mounds the State Office didn't have, so I am liasing (sp) now, too. And writing articles. You can get these articles if you are members of Ancient Kentucke Hist. Assoc. ( which doesn't cost much.
Anyhow, I have a VERY compelling paper that will be out... I have to find which journal to publish it, though. Or if not them, then Ancient American will do it. But I'd like it to be accepted, since it's all LiDAR and scans, data and measurement.
 The project is definitely into the weird, but I get some hiking done, too.

Now in Oct I'll be on my long Western KY trip so if there's anything really weird or out of the way make sure I hear about it. I've got about 50-60 locations to document in one weekend, I like to make good lines, although I know some things will be for 2019

Next month I'll be out Yatesville Lake and Paintsville, again it's mostly native stuff.

Folks, if you know of things, don't hesitate to reach out. Locations of sensitive stuff will not be published but documentation needs to be done to protect our heritage and get it into the data.

BTW, sadly KY dipped back down into Bronze territory as a LOT of these native sites score very, very low.

When I say special things, btw it's not only waterfalls and native sites. Any abandoned but special bunkers, bases, little known forts, out of the way history things... etc... be sure to let me know.

I appreciate you, and thanks so much!!