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Title: Turkeyfoot Campground
Post by: Lizking531 on July 05, 2018, 12:53:16 PM
(so I might be a little slow at work today....)

Just recently heard about this place, reading the forest service page about it. Couple questions for my curiosity. I'm looking to get out of town in the near future with some non-backcountry camping folks, so I'm exploring new (to me) options

Anyone have any experiences they'd care to share?

Is the road too steep for a front wheel drive small SUV?

It looks like gravel pads, can hammocks be strung up? - are there enough adequate trees in camp?

Does War Fork around the campground generally have water in it this time of year? 

Is it safe? - will my camp get robbed/car get messed with if I leave camp hiking for the day (obviously that can happen anywhere, but seems like some spots are hotter than others in that regard)