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Title: Bugs really got me!
Post by: KyDan on August 18, 2017, 08:53:09 AM
Help me name a bug that I can't show you a photo of....
Rita and I RV camped at Hardy Lake in SE Indiana 3 days this week.
We hiked a few miles of their trails and foolishly did not use any "protection".
No deet in other words.
Big mistake.

The trail we hiked was deep in woods with no undergrowth and no worries until
we'd got in there over a mile.
We came to a fire/logging road that was over grown in grass and weeds.
We tried to cross as carefully as possible but "they got us".

Upon our return to the trailer we both took showers but since we were not on
sewers or city water they were abbreviated "navy" showers.

That evening I had a few little water blister bumps on my ankles.
No biggie I thought.
The next day there were many more and by day 3 -our last day there- I have
at least 75-100.
All begin with a tiny water blister. 
Of course all itch like crazy!

These aren't chiggers as I know them.
I googled and all I can find is chiggers but it says a chigger bite
typically is a raised red bump.  I agree.
These are little pustules of water.

This is not my 1st rodeo with these #@$%&* bugs.
I got a dose of them several years ago hiking at Mammoth cave.
Same scenario- clear trail led us into some slight overgrowth with a
scattering of ankle high grass.
Got the same damn bugs with the same itchy little water blisters.

These things seem to be impervious to a normal scrubby shower.
On that previous bout they kept climbing higher.  Showing at first
on ankles but moving to knees and waist and finally getting under
arms and on my back.  No amount of showering seemed to do
much good.  After frantic internet searches someone on a chat
group suggested getting lice body wash at the drug store.
I used that stuff and it seemed to stop the spread immediately but
of course I was stuck with the bites for several days.

I asked at the office at Hardy Lake and they were clueless and admitted they
didn't get out in the woods much!

I called the Salina nature center in Shelbyville and they had me call an
entomologist at UK.  They promised to get back with me in a day or so.

The gal who cleaned the restrooms at the park said her dad calls them
"grass mites" but when I search for that I just find a bug that attacks

Have any of you experienced bug bites like I described?

IF it's any help and you find yourself with a dose of these critters I found that
alcohol hand sanitizer stings a little but as soon as it dries the itching is greatly
reduced.  It seems to last for several hours too.  Sanitizer works better than even
hydrocortisone  "10" (which is actually 1.0%)

Thanks for your input!

Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: wsp_scott on August 18, 2017, 10:48:14 AM
I've read somewhere that what makes chiggers so bad is the itching spreads an enzyme (or something) that actually dissolves/rots your skin. So one chigger bite can "spread" if you itch the bite. Maybe something like that is going on for you. Lots of bites low down, but scratching spreads the "itching" higher and every time you scratch, it gets a little bit higher.
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: ShifuCareaga on August 18, 2017, 05:11:53 PM
definitely chiggers. you ran into some ferns that are what I term chigger nests. the pus is your body's reaction.


being a lot doesn't mean they aren't chiggers.
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: Bazinga on August 18, 2017, 06:06:19 PM
You have lots of chigger bites. (

Last time I was stung the doc wrote a script for triamcinolone acetoneide ointment .5% for the itching.  Worked really well for me.
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: KyDan on August 20, 2017, 08:23:01 AM
I got a reply from the UK entomologist.
Here's the bulk of it.  A man of a few words....
Larvae (newly hatched) lone star ticks are active now and are a possibility. Here is our pub on them -
I read the article linked above.
It says August is peak time for them.

I've also done a lot of google searching.  Most articles say chiggers leave a raised hard red bump.
I've had chiggers and that is what I experienced in those times.

Once I started looking for lone star tick larvae I found this medical report-
I found this article when I googled for newly hatched lone star ticks.
The photo part way down the page looks exactly like what I have
and also like your photo.

After much closer examination with a magnifying glass we found 2 or 3 of the smallest ticks I have
ever seen and I've seen plenty of young deer ticks which are pretty darn small.

I'm going with lone star tick larvae.

One thing for sure I'm going to try really hard to not repeat this ever again!
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: ShifuCareaga on August 21, 2017, 08:09:42 PM
you should use cupping regardless to pull out the pus.
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: Mark W on August 22, 2017, 04:26:38 PM
That's awful! You have my sympathies.

I had something similar happen to me during a trip to the Twin Lakes Loop in Hoosier National Forest. My skin wasn't right for more than a month : (
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: RCKT_RCCN on August 23, 2017, 09:11:47 AM
I got lucky on Monday. I hiked part of the Honey Creek Loop in BSF before heading for my eclipse-viewing spot; the trail was very narrow with tons of grass and ferns brushing my legs. The whole time I thought about this thread! One thing I tried was rinsing off my legs immediately at the end of our hike. Glad to report no ticks or chiggers. Or as I accidentally said to my buddy, no "chicks or tiggers". LOL
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: Bazinga on September 09, 2020, 09:22:41 PM
Jeez, we went off trailing out by Mammoth cave Sunday and the questing ticks were everywhere!!  ??? Must have picked up 8-10 pods (unsure of the correct term) between the three of us...about a hundred period sized ticks in each pod (reminds me of spider eggs hatching and spreading out as soon as the ball of them latches on.) We burned most off brushing with a lighter but I have almost 30 bites, Tim has over 40, not sure how many Arnie has, but he has been doing quite a bit of scratching & biting (he's better since a bath with tick shampoo Monday).  We sprayed with Deet, but they just crawl where it isn't and bite you!!  :'( We'll be spraying our hiking clothes, boots and packs with permethrin before our next adventure!!!
Be careful out there folks!
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: KyDan on September 15, 2020, 08:39:06 AM
Get some Repel Tick Defense with 15% Picaridin.  Found at WallyWorld in the camping/hunting section. IT CAN BE SPRAYED ON AND UNDER CLOTHES. It won't harm
synthetics or plastics like deet can.
My problem is not putting the stuff on when I need too!  Nothing works if it's left in the can!
Title: Re: Bugs really got me!
Post by: Bazinga on September 17, 2020, 06:00:02 AM
Nothing works if it's left in the can!

Yep, I'm gulity  ;D