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Title: Speleofest caving event 2015 May 22nd - 25th Bonnieville Kentucky
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The Louisville Grotto announces the 2015 Speleofest caving festival at the Lone Star Preserve in Bonnieville Kentucky from May 22-25. Speleofest offers a weekend of caving, camping, and activities that is open to the general public.

Organizers at this year’s Speleofest are working hard on planning new cave trips. Guests may be exploring leads into some excellent Warren County and Edmonson County Caves as well as visiting some of the classic favorites nearby. A selection of led and self-led caves will be available to choose from throughout the weekend. In addition there will be a special cavers-only trip to visit the nearby Cub Run commercial cave.

The weekend will kick off with the traditional Friday night bonfire and howdy party. Start the weekend catching up with old friends and meeting new ones and planning your Saturday caving trips.

After a day of caving Saturday, join in the activities as the Louisville grotto hosts a delicious banquet dinner at the shelter house, Rand Heazlitt as this years speaker, and a door-prize give away.

Sunday evening wraps up the festivities with a new twist on a another Speleofest tradition – the wine and cheese social. This year's social will be a Caveman Gathering held in Lone Star Saltpeter Cave. Wear your best caveman garb and be sure to bring your torches and lanterns as there will be no electrical lights! A caveman will lead the group on a walk into Lone Star Saltpeter Cave where there is plenty of room to socialize and enjoy some wine, cheese, and fruit to wind down the weekend of festivities.

In addition to caving there are many other outdoor activities in the area. For outdoors lovers there are several good kayaking trips as well as great hiking trails nearby. There are some fun attractions in Cave City for the family and an array of commercial caves.

A new focus for Speleofest this year will be on cave conservation. The Louisville Grotto is offering any non-profit cave conservation groups a free space to setup their own promotional or fund-raising booth. Those interested are asked to contact the Louisville Grotto at least 7 days before the event to reserve a space. In addition, there will be at least one cave clean-up field trip planned for the weekend.

Pre-registration for Speleofest is now available. Take advantage of a $5 discount if you register now.

Also please join our facebook event page to keep up with event news, updates, and chatter.