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Title: Danner Mountain Lights?
Post by: matt colvin on December 07, 2012, 07:41:29 PM
Just curious if anyone here has experience with the Danner Mountain Light or Mountain Light 2. I've been contemplating ordering a pair from Amazon to try out. My foot is pretty narrow, and I would guess that my arch is "medium" (I'm not flat-footed, but I don't have a high arch, either).

Title: Re: Danner Mountain Lights?
Post by: matt colvin on January 24, 2014, 10:58:28 PM
I thought I would update this, as I purchased some Danner Mountain Light II's about a year ago.

I have a pair of Lowa Trekkers that fit my feet like a glove and while I use those for hiking, I wanted a pair of boots that could be worn casually, were comfortable on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, are easily resoled, and are easy to clean. The Danners seemed to fit that description.

After a year of wear, these boots have become tremendously comfortable and have been worn through a variety of settings: in medical settings such as surgery, walking along easy hiking trails at the lake or at RRG, and even in the small amounts of snow we have had so far in Kentucky. They have kept my feet dry and the EVA midsole makes them perfect for times when the ground is hard or paved. Although they are a bit wide for my feet (offered in D or 2E widths only), I have gotten by with some Powerstep insoles and appropriate socks. If I had purchased these for hiking only, then they would have been too wide, but as used they've worked very nicely and give me the ability to wear thick socks when the temps drop.

I've been using Danner's dressing and they seem to be holding up very well so far, and can be worn with khaki's when the weather is harsh. I expect that they will last me quite a while.

If these fit your feet properly, I think they would a great choice for a low cut leather hiking boot. The ability to have new soles put on and other maintenance performed helps recover some of the initial cost.